A reference pattern generator is an essential piece of equipment in the video calibration process. Most, if not all, certified and experienced calibrators utilize this tool for a number of reasons. A  true reference, speed, and universal across multiple displays, just to name a few. However, reference pattern generators are expensive, most in the low to mid thousand dollar range, and typically out of reach for the average diy'er. This is where my reference advanced calibration disc becomes an extremely cheaper option.


My advanced calibration disc allows you to utilize your existing Blu-ray player as a pattern generator and calibrate, not only your display, but the entire video chain. Why is this important and how does this give my calibration disc the upper hand over a reference pattern generator in some scenarios? During a typical video calibration, the calibrator disconnects one of your displays inputs, connects their pattern generator, and for the most part can bring your display close within industry standards. Perfect, right? Not exactly, let me explain. After the calibration is completed, the calibrator will then reconnect your video source equipment, including your Blu-ray player, and just like that your calibration is altered. Most, if not all, Blu-ray players can not decode color properly and now you are at the mercy of your Blu-ray players decoder, as it will alter the output of the disc before it even makes it to your newly calibrated display.


My disc can eliminate this issue by simply utilizing your Blu-ray player as the pattern generator. This method still allows you to calibrate the error out of your display, by way of your Blu-ray player, essentially correcting the Blu-ray players improper color decoding when making adjustment on your display during calibration. Nothing will ever replace a good reference pattern generator, I've just designed a cheaper option for the average diy'er enthusiast.

The software utilized to create R.Masciola's Advanced Calibration Disc